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Edward Burtynsky, who is famous for his huge landscape and mega-engineering photography, uses drones for aerial photography. From an interview:

TwilleyFrom the point of view of a photographer, then, it might seem equally interesting that there are now all sorts of new types of photographic systems on the rise—quadcopter-mounted 3D scanners, drones, and even smart ammunition equipped with cameras that can loiter in an area taking aerial photographs. Simply on a technical level, I’m curious about where you see the future of photography going. Do you see a time when you’re not going to be riding in a helicopter over Los Angeles but, instead, piloting a little drone that’s flying around up there and taking photographs for you? 

Burtynsky: I’m already doing it. 

Twilley: You have a drone? 

Burtynsky: Yeah. I use it to go into places where I don’t have any air space. I work with a team. One guy runs the chopper, one guy runs the head, and I take the shutter release and compose. For example, there is no civil aviation space in China, so I was using it there. I used it to shoot the big [Three Gorges] Dam area [shown above], and I used it to photograph agriculture. 

So I am already using that technology. It offers new ways of entering into places that you would never have considered going—or that you couldn’t even go to—before.


(Via Kottke.org)

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  • Doesn't sound like anything new here. Aerial photography from helis is a well developed technique - RunRyder and APLanding are sites that have a long track record for the 'serious' operators. I wouldn't classify a pilot controlled heli as a drone...

  • Yep you were

  • Heh, am I the only one who thought the crane was extending out of the image (via the drone tail fin)?

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