Dear Friends,
1 months ago our cubesat satellite "FEES" release in space by Soyouz 2 . The hardware is based of VRBrain 5 architecture , we put in space a STM32F4 micro controller . The first release don't use Ardupilot , hope the next one with your help and our experience could be . After a lot of test and study about the communication in space we found that lora protocol it's a great option for sat to ground and could be ground to space communication . So actually FEES is still in space and continue to trasmit it's position to earth. Now for recived it we are using global opensource network called TinyGS . Now we start we next step that's is try to constantly comunicate with the sat all around the world . So now we need the help of our great community . We need put small ground station around the world for connect our cubesat at any time of day and night. Fees is only first sat that we have in space but my opinion is that in the future we can add more cubesat and interconnect it and interact. I need other drone enthusiast around the world with ham license for implement ground station and cover ther world. The project is already available in alfa version . I developed a global dashboard where all gs will be available like tinygs , but with our implementation we can also trasmit message to satellite . We try as 12 years ago to implement a version of ardupilot for sat , where Ground station , protocol , and firmware for special future will be developed in the next months . If other guys around the world would help me and other member of this new group in ardupilot are welcome . The ground station is only the starting point , FEES is only the first sat available . Hope that next one will be from our community with Ardupilot code in space !!! 😉 Follow same picture of position of FEES in the space in last month. And a picture of dahboard during first global trasmission with gs . If you need more info or would join our new cool project contact me .. on Ardupilot discord there is a new channel called #satellite
This is the link in Ardupilot discord channel
If you need more info don't exitate to contact me 
Last Month trasmission from fees around the world : 
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