Ferndale Michigan Drone Ban Defeated!



I am happy to report that a proposed 'drone' ban was unanimously defeated after a strong showing by my local FPV racing club, Detroit Drones. A lot of people came to the city council meeting. ALL speakers were against the ban. The council was overwhelmed with responses and enthusiastically rejected the proposal, including the council member that put forth the ban!

I fear if it would have passed, this would have spread like wildfire around southeast Michigan and elsewhere. If something like this occurs in your community, you need to ban together! It works!

For once the media was on our side, they made this proposal well known on the news over the weekend. If we had not known about it and shown up, it would have never been discussed at the meeting and likely passed.

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  • Outstanding! Democracy at its best. Hopefully other city councils are willing to recognize that multirotor racing/ fpving is not as dangerous as many believe. There are far more dangerous outdoor activities that injure or kill people on a daily basis, and so far -correct me if I'm wrong -no miniquad or mini multirotor has killed anyone.

    The problem is sometime it only takes one knucklehead to attract negative attention to the hobby and out come the pitchforks. Well done!  

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