Fighter Hand launch fixed wing


The fighter is a fixed-wing flight platform , which is easy to carry,friendly to operate,stable and durable.The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty,long-endurance fixed wing,which greatly reduces the difficulty of aerial survey,further liberates productivity and improves the efficiency of aerial survey

The modular design concept makes the aircraft easy and fast to assemble.The wings,folding arms and tail fins can be easily dismantled, making the aircraft practical and portable and user-friendly.The open flight control cabin is compatible with Pixhawk flight control and supports mounting of Sony A7R2 4200W pixel full-frame camera /1.5kg lightweight lidar. The maximum support is 12s@22000mah lithium polymer battery,which can achieve ultra-long range and high-quality shooting effect

Using proper control point cooperatively,the final mapping would satisfy 1:1000 and 1:2000 aerial survey standard,which realized a wide-ranging application such as geography surveys,farmland,forestry land and grassland protection,power line inspection,environment protection,water conservancy and etc5334381900?profile=original



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  • Well, V-tail has fewer bits of tail so it's more convenient to manage. However, convenience in storage and assembly should not really trump performance. All in all, the Fighter looks like a really nice design. According to the tests mentioned in this thread, the Believer was already getting very nice numbers so I guess the Fighter will likely perform equally impressively.

  • Hello!The take-off weight is 8KG, the cruise speed is 20m/s, the battery of 6S, the current is about 8A.

    The wings and fuselage of Fight's hand launch and the VTOL version are the same length, the main difference being the addition of the VTOL structure.

    The main reason for not using the Believer's v-tail design is that the wings reach 2.4 meters, and the v-tail structure is difficult to maintain strength with EPO and carbon tubes, which we have tested many times, and the accuracy of the rudder is not good.

    Can you tell me why you like the v-tail plane?

  • Very cool. What is the power consumption at cruising speed at full takeoff weight (and how different is it between the hand launch and the VTOL version)?

    How come you didn't go for a V tail like in the Believer?

  • The Fighter takes off heavier than the Believer.Fighter can carry more batteries and fly farther.

  • So, a Believer without the V tail? How do these two compare?

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