Finally first working OSD firmware dedicated to Ardupilot

OKThe first working firmware for OSD to display raw data from Ardupilot seems to work now .This firmware should also work with ArduIMU - but I had no chance to check it - I have not arduIMU - I hope Paul will do this .The main problem for me - is that I do not understand well how actually ardupilot works .At summer Jordi tryed to made me an expalanations but i lose all that emails :( , hard to say but I have not enought information about ardupilot and his way of work (lastly I had no time as the main reason of my incompetence) .What are exactly all this data means ? :!!!LAT:50017380,LON:20002444,SPD:19.00,CRT:0.00,AL T:0,ALH:0,CRS:8.00,BER:185,WPN:0,DST:1933,BTV:12.45,***+++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:60,PCH:-60,***+++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:60,PCH:-60,***+++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:60,PCH:-60,***+++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:60,PCH:-60,***+++ASP:0,THH:85,RLL:60,PCH:-60,***and when ardupilot is ready to fly - how it save his home position ? I need this for display - also can be nice one more info about SAT quantity .As any of you gentelmens , know how the ardu works and what represent all this data for - please let me explain (exept DST, ALT, SPD PTH RLL) - that I suppose to already know .here is the screen shot :uvs091125_001_169.gifSome more immpressions can be read and firmware can be dowloaded here -
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  • question whys the diystore out of remzibi osd's :)? hehe hope theyre in stock when the kits come in
  • Hi all,

    May I know whether the measured CRS data from GPS EM406 is accurate?

    Thank you (:
  • Waiting for my OSD to get here. Been playing with the ArduStation in a box with a 3" video screen.

  • Developer
    0 to 360... Thank you!
  • BTW - BER range is -180 ..180 or 0..360 ?
  • That exelent BER expalantion - so I can remove all math about it and use this data directly :) .
  • Developer
    Yes is course from GPS,
    BER, yes can be used as arrows to indicate the direction of the WP destination.

    BER will change, if you switch to RTL automatically the BER will point to home, if you are in manual mode the BER will point to home, if you are in waypoint mode BER will point to the waypoint direction, so would be nice if you use always the arrow with BER...
  • Developer
    Nice video Remzibi!
  • CRS: angle of plane in degrees - is that is course from GPS ?
    BER: angle of wp to plane in degrees - so can be used as arrow do actual WP destination ?
    Or maybe arrow all the time will point the home only ?
    WPN: waypoint index - this OK , 0 will indetyfy home - that I already knew :) .

    RSP: angle of rudder in degrees - what is that exactly ? how to interpret this ?
  • This points are artifical horizon - please read this
    or watch this movie
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