Finally lifted with camera

Technically this is 3 frame with camera but the first one was hard to control, weight of GoPro with skeleton cover was too much for weak motors. 2nd one was stock ACM but ended in a crash with v39. Finally this was the only frame/setup can last long enough for me to take a video.




A lot of vibration issues as expected since I removed the dampers. Video was wobbly with the high density foams I used. Another thing is the servo most of the time it over corrects causing the bobbing of the video. Of course a few more tweaking on PIDs but all in all its getting there just like to share.

WARNING: Can cause dizziness


With the wind suddenly picking up I had to go back to stable mode to decent but roll/pitch can barely compensate for the wind. Nothing was damage just landed sideways :D.



All_hold 2:20
Loiter 5:22


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  • The frame is from RC-Carbons (now coptersky). It was the smallspy complete set with Landing gear and Camera mount for GoPro. However, it seems the set that was sent to me was a prototype 70% different from their site now and what was sent to my email. Landing gear legs were uneven with screw holes where in the wrong places. I tried to mend it but the design was so flimsy that it will oscillate when spooling up. That oscillation will cause a hell lot of effort trying to take off. Then there is the camera mount, the CG of the mount itself was not center and slight servo movement would cause the roll axis to oscillate wildly. Tilt is a bit ok but movements are sharp event worst than the one I have now. Servo screw holes are meant for those servo only wont be able to replace with other alternative servo without fabricating a new one. Lastly the frame/arms themselves are not balanced spirit level will never point center at most 2 at a time with the rest completely opposite of the others.Tried to contact the guy but no response now.


    So I reassembled everything tried to make it as balance as possible and replaced the landing gears with fixed wing CF LG and Camera mount is a mod Gaui 1 axis mount to accomodate the gopro with skeleton casing.


    Sorry to disappoint you but the battery mount is just a mixture of tie wrap, double adhesive tape, CF tubes and velcro strap. Made it this way to compensate the camera mount weight which is also weight out of CG. Not the most efficient design but I am happy on how it going


    3692265814?profile=originalI had another flight a hour ago but I forgot to click the gorpo shutter to start video :D .


    With all the trouble on this frame I am glad it had a great journey and hope more to come.


    Thanks for looking

  • can you please share you frame designs, or at least the battery mount  designs

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