Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you all the news that our video stabilization software is now live and ready for download! 

We set out a few years ago to transform the very time-consuming and difficult stabilization technique that I was developing into an automated piece of software.  To say it's been a lot of work would be a huge understatement.  But I must say I think it's been worth it.  

We feel that this will open up a huge range of possibilities for drones, as you'll no longer need to carry the weight of a brushless gimbal, the beefier motors to lift that heavy gimbal, and the heavy higher-voltage li-po to power those motors in order to get solid, smooth footage. 

Who knows, we might even see a renaissance of the servo gimbal!  If you take a look at our gallery page you can see the full before and after clips of many servo gimbal flights.

And we've got no doubt this is going to make drone races look that much more amazing.

Check it out at ReelSteady.com.  We are super-excited to see all the imaginative uses people will find for this new tool.

Hope you like it!


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  • Fantastic quality. Is there a Final Cut Pro X version coming...?

  • Moderator

    Downloaded the demoInstall.msi but I get the following error: 3702076704?profile=originalIt's on a Win7 machine with a quad core Intel processor with 4GB of RAM.

  • 360fly and Kodak PixPro are two existing cameras that could possibly be adapted. 

  • HeliStorm that would be the ultimate video capture. It would also eliminate cropping due to stabilization because you would have the entire sphere to work with.
  • http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/continued-work-towards-a-virtua... I have been playing with this concept for a couple years. My problems...I am only mediocre, at best, in my ability to code, and I have a couple kids who can't eat gadgets for dinner. I would love to help someone better funded develop a product.

  • To the person who asked about gyro/accel data being used to stabilize video, look at the Parrot Bebop.What I would love to have is a panospheric image with all the data for stabilizing recorded at the same time. Then, you could later pan anywhere in the video, stabilized, in post. As I put it once, imagine if you are flying along, recording a sunset, and Bigfoot walks past, BEHIND your quad before you can turn it around. Wouldn't it be great to refocus your shot to Bigfoot after the fact?

  • Hi John,

    If you can reply to the email you received we will send you download link and get to the bottom of this.  Thanks for your patience.

  • Your demo download does not seem to be operational yet, get an e-mail but no link to download ...

  • Thanks Martin.  Please do.  Make sure to check out the tutorials when you do.  We take a different approach than most stabilizers so it's important see the differences. 

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    This looks absolutely brilliant Robert, we shall certainly try it out.
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