Finished my 3D printed Quad



3689501818?profile=original3689501950?profile=originalHey everybody.  I've finally finished the airframe portion of my 3D printed FPV Quad.  I'm working now to finnish up the GoPro mount.  The whole thing took a lot a lot longer than I would have liked, but a month long trip back home left me without my printer.  And the arms proved particularly difficult.  There was a lot of flex in my V1 arms that made the quad un-flyable, the V2 arms were better but made for a very unstable, but flyable quad.  The V3 arms are beefed up with both lateral and vertical support.  I'm glad to say it flies perfectly now.  I will also be working to reduce the weight of the frame.  It is still very light, though I don't have a scale to make an exact weight.  I think though there is some fat to be trimmed.   Anyway here it is.  You can check it out and print it if you would like here: My Quad

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  • Jonathan thanks.  Using a Makerbot Replicator printing with ABS.

  • Looks great! Just curious, what kind of 3D printer are you using?

  • Thanks everyone! Noth, I have thought about cleaning it up a bit more, esc are included.  One of the biggest problems is printing with overhangs and since to top of the arm is what lies flat on the plate this might be tricky.  Haven't ruled anything out though.  Yang, so far so good on the strength, I do worry however about how stong the legs are.  The plastic is strong and even in the extreme cold environment (-40) I'm in I haven;t had any failures...though I haven't been whipping it around either ;)  Henry, I took inspiration from a lot of different sources, ultimately I found I liked the way the DJI arms did the gear.  I have another version of the arms with the gear in the middle of the arm.  As far as weight I'm sorry to say that I haven't weighed it.  I am printing out another frame as we speak and plan to find a scale when it is done.  It is similar in weight, if not a touch lighter than the TBS Discovery.  The arms still do have a flex bit of flex in them but it does not seem to effect the flight characteristics the way the early version arms did.  I haven't found its max gross weight yet or its endurance (no current sensor so I don't want to push too far).  But I have flown it for over 10 minutes with 11.8v left in a 4000mah 3C left when I charge after a flight.  It should be able to carry a GoPro with fpv equipment no problem.

  • Sweet! It looks a bit like a DJI F450. How does it compare in size and weight? and do the arms still flex? (if so what, how much weight can it carry?) 

  • Thanks for showing what we wanted to do! Impressive. Any worry on the strength aspect?

  • Awesome work man!!  Love to see what you come up with next :D

  • Very nice! Would be cool if you took the clean look further hiding the escs in a recess or some such, but def looks better than most kits out there.
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