Finished TBS Discovery


My latest build. TBS Discovery, Taranis, 3D Robotics Pixhawk, ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz vtx, 3DR GPS, Telemetry Radio, T-Motor 900kv, 30amp ESC, APC 10x4.8, 4S 3300, GoPro 3+ Silver. About 10 min flight time @ 1468 grams.

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  • Sure. I'm no tuning expert but here's where I am. These are basically what autotune gave me. I'm sure some tweaking is in order but to me anyway it fly's great. Very smooth, no wobbles or oscillations. Feels locked in.


  • im using 900kv, and also recommend graupner props :)

  • i'm using sunnysky 800kvs and i get bad vibes. graupner props.

  • Nice how does it fly?

    Would mind putting up a print screen of your pids :)

    I have one but cant get the PIDs correct.

  • No vibs, smooth as glass and I have minimal dampening on the GoPro although I just bought a love seat for it. I'll have to take a look at my antennas, didn't pay that much attention to placement. I don't do anything real long distance, I think the farthest I've been out is maybe a quarter mile. Didn't have any issues. Probably not a bad idea to reevaluate though.

  • any vibes in your vids?

  • MR60

    About the antenna positioning, try also not to stick them flat on these carbon fiber plates because they conduct electricity and will act as electric field shields, effectively impacting your receiver antennas. If you can, try mounting them at 90degrees as a V attached to a pole above the CF plates.

  • A very clean build indeed!

    A month ago I was setting up a scratch build plane for FPV and coudn't find a definitive answer regarding V vs. L configuration. So I stuck a receiver (D4RII) on my mailbox and walked to the end of my court with my Tx in range test mode. Standing in the same spot, I read a RSSI value around 65 for the L configuration and around 88 for the V configuration.

    Not really scientific, but I've stuck with the V configuration and managed to go about 1km out with an ocational beep here and there. 

    That being said, I see many LRS systems recommending the L configuration. 

  • Very nice build! What is your range with the 5.8 video tx?

  • Actually, better to have the antennas in a V-shape, with a 60-90 degree angle.  Then as you roll and pitch, at least one of the antennas is close to vertical.

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