Firmware update: now it's flying!

Hi everyone!

First I would like to thanks to all the people that commented, see, and shared my work. I'm really happy you enjoyed it.

Now the important part. I've been very busy on the firmware and the flight software. The board is still the same :D. T he system is doing very well and the attitude autopilot is working great. Here is a video of the last version working:


The system is doing these things concurrently:

  • 200 Hz update of the PIDs. 3 are for angular rate control of the 3 axis, and 2 more are added on the pitch roll axis to control the attitude. (the magnetometer isn't used right now so I have no reference of true north and that's why I've decided to only control angular rate on yaw axis)
  • 50 Hz reference input axis via xBee. The GS sends the setpoints for the pitch and roll angles and the yaw angular rate. Also it is controlling the collective (altitude) control manually and it also sends the dead man switch signal for the watchdog.
  • 20 Hz telemetry download via xBee. Including: gyros, attitude in Euler angles, controls outputs, motors mix. Later I will add altitude (barometric and ultrasound) and battery level. Also any other usefull sensor.

As I promised, here is the schematic


Note: I have to add a small fix for connecting the MPU data ready signal to one of the IRQ based input of the extra sensor inputs of the board. Also a capacitor was added on the reset line of the MCU.


I'm now fully focused on finishing my thesis, but I hope in a month I will be back again and will upload the source code to Github, and other related stuff too.

Also if you would like to use a PID controller in your embedded project (arduino too) you can check my qPID control library. It lack a user manual yet but I added an usage example file that I hope is self explanatory.


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