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  • ... so who is gonna drive away with the 2013 BALLS OUT TROPHY this weekend?



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  • 2013 BALLS OUT AWARD....


    ROC Battery

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  • BALLS OUT AWARD, 2013 Multi-Rotors Challenge

    To vote for your favorite pilot or Multi-Rotors, you simply: 

    (1) Get a ticket from ROC Battery booth or 2 tickets if you are a registered pilot for the 2013 Multi-Rotors Challenge,
    (2) write down your favorite pilot’s number on the ballot
    (3) submit the ballot at ROC Battery booth or the official Multi-Rotors Challenge booth

    To win, pilot simply must have the most amount of votes. In case of tie, award will be shared.

    Ballots are restricted to one per non-registered person and two per registered pilot. One submitted ballot (with pilot’s number) is considered one vote. Ballots are counted prior to awards ceremony.

    Winner will be announced at the Multi-Rotors Challenge, 2013.
    BALLS-OUT winner agrees to grant ROC Battery – a sponsor of Multi-Rotors Challenge the right to post his/her name and pictures on and other RC forums. Winner will be posted on the site March 30th, 2013. In all cases the decision of BALL-OUT Multi-Rotors Challenge 2013 will be final.

    BALLS-OUT Award sponsored by
    ROC Battery

    ROC Battery

  • They are planning on having multiple pilots fly at once! So it's not just going to be the pole doing the damage!

    I am also going to be signing on as a sponsor from:

    Trying to get there from the north-east to see first hand, but I'm hoping participants jump on the racing forum and show us the carnage!!!

    (What's racing without some splintered carbon fiber?)

    I wish they were organizing some FPV racing as well...

  • Developer

    Wish I where there, sounds like a lot of fun.

    And let me be the first to predict that there will be some "death by pole" incidents. Judging distances in general can be pretty hard, but pole is pretty much impossible.. But that's all part of the fun. :)

  • 3D Robotics

    This is going to be fun! 3D Robotics is a sponsor.

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