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First Arduino radar shield

3689600871?profile=originalWith a smaller antenna, they seem perfect for small drones.

From Hackaday:

The very first fully operational radar Arduino shield was recently demonstrated at Bay area Maker Faire. It was built by [Daniel] and [David], both undergrads at UC Davis.

Many have talked about doing this, some have even prototyped pieces of it, but these undergrad college students pulled it off. This is the result from Prof. ‘Leo’ Liu’s full-semester senior design course based on the MIT Coffee Can radar short course, which has been going on for 2 years now. Next year this course will have 30 students, showing the world the interest and market-for project based learning.

Check out the high res ranging demo, where a wider band chirp was used to amazing results. 

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  • We are indeed to going to integrate the radar sensor on to a drone. This will be the project for this year. Stay tuned. 

  • Nice! This is the first step to a full 3D phased array system ;)
  • Nice range, but the antennas are a little impractical for airborne flight.  We fit a couple of antennas about half the size to our airship and snapped them within a couple of days.

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