First Melbourne group meet

Hi all,

Just thought I would share with all that we had the first Melbourne group meet last Saturday.  Attended by 6 people, with 5 quads and a heli all getting a good fly.  It was great to meet everyone and see the variations on a theme with the quads.  There was a nasty breeze that gusted quite strong, so flying conditions weren't ideal, but there was still some very good flying by all.  Unfortunately there wasn't video of everyone, but I have still managed to pull a short video together of some of the action. 

We are planning the next meet for sometime in February (the morning of 10 February is looking to be the date at the moment), with the goal of everyone attending to have a successful FULLY AUTONOMOUS and recorded flight under their belt before they leave.

Of course, all Melbourne people are invited [with more details to be shared through the Melbourne group page] but even if you're in the area from interstate or internationally, please stop on in.

Have a great day and safe flying,


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    Thanks for the comments guys - it was a bit of fun pulling it together and hopefully next time we can get more footage of everyone. (:

    @ Phil and Adric, more information about the next meet will be on the Melbourne Group Page by the end of the weekend, so check it out there.  (:

  • Very nice Phil... that reminded me of the caravan we had for Aerosonde field tests... extra long, gutted out and housed a complete flight management room and a workshop. Air conditioned of course... it just lacked a decent fridge!

    You must remember to include a fridge in your build! An Esky just doesn't cut it when you're out on a hot day.

  • Waaat? Didn't realise there was a Melbourne group. I'll bring my groundstation trailer on the 10th.

    It's nearly finished now.

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    Well done Dave! The video was very entertaining :)

    Edris and I are looking forward to our next meet up and seeing how everyone goes with autonomous mode.

    @Adric - Welcome! I see you've joined the Melbourne group so you probably already know, but our next meetup is planned for the 10th of Feb. Looking forward to meeting you if you can make it.

  • Great to hear about a Melbourne meet up group. When are you meeting next? It would be great to meet up with fellow quadcopter/UAV enthusiast.

  • Great stuff Dave... thanks for putting that together. I'm going to make a more conscious effort next meet to video document it, so we have more to share with the wider diydrones community (and a record of our crashes)! ;)

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