First flight on auto pilot!

Oke today was a big day I had my first flight on autopilot. (I did not fly exualy)Here are the setup and results:ardupilot 2.1 with z sensor. plane little cessna (see my pics).First I did a field setup to set up the home position. Pilot Marijn Penninx (he builds really great planes, check out took off and went to a safe alt. So he switched on the auto mode (RTL) and in one sec or less my plane was upside down. Something I did expect because I have noticed that the ir xy is doing the opposite so he got the plane back on the ground and we turned the fma xy 180 degrees (cable facing foreward). Plane back in the air. Safe Alt an auto (RTL) on, now it's responding as it should be. But it wobbles, the elevator is correcting too much. I have seen a little video on this site and they had the same problem (over correcting).I need to alter the code so the elevation is less extreem. When I hold the plane in my hand and point the nose of the plane a bit down, I get full elevation. Where can I adjust this? And are there more settings I need to adjust to get more stability. I have tried to adjust some trim settings but then the plane started to spin down.Pilot Marijn said to me that he uses not more then 10 % of stick to controll the plane.Today's conclusion:- Need to understand why do I need to place the IR XY backwards (cable facing to the front);- Need to fine tune elevation output on auto.Suggestions and solutions are welcome...ThankxJonas
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  • Hi Tom,

    yes I made a lot off changes. But I had some more problems. When I received the new Ardupilot board and loaded the new code I noticed that the plane went in a dead spiral every time I turn on the autopilot.
    After some testing I noticed that the fma xy sensor is blind at one site. I also think this is due the blow up I had with my firsr board.

    I am now working and testing with the paparazzi tiny v2.11 autopilot and a easy glider pro airframe.

    The Cessna is a nice and stable airframe but I only selected this airframe because I had this airframe on the self. I can say it will fly fine but if you can own a Easy Star just go for the Easy Star.

  • Jonas,

    Did you have to change anything in the AurdPilot code to make it more compatible with the Cessna airframe vs the Easy Star (that it was originally setup for)?


  • @ JvdB
    I 've send you a email.
  • Jonas, I'm also situated in The Netherlands and am working on a Return-To-Launch payload recovery. although just started and not yet dealing with the autopilot yet, can I contact you at a later stage regarding these issues and learning from you experiences? you can contact me at info(at)verticallimits(dot)nl
  • 3D Robotics
    You can modify all those settings in the code. I'll post how in a sec..
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