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    @Wayne - This board (basically) is more powerful. It offers a lot more input/output. It has more memory size for programming. The processor has better interrupt capabilities, more timers, etc. And as a product it is intended to be IMU based instead of thermopile based.

    With all that said, I'll note that for many users the current ArduPilot board is more than sufficient for their needs. We have several really creative and talented people working with it that find new ways to squeeze more out of it all the time. Mostly it is the same issue that you see with PC's - After a couple years your old one works just fine, but when you try out a new one with the latest bells and whistles you seem to need to upgrade :)
  • Im sure there may be other info on the site somewhere but I have not found it yet. What exactly is the purpose of this board vs. the regular ArduPilot board?
  • Nice. How much will it cost?
  • Awesome! I hope I can buy one soon ;-)
  • awesome!
  • Wao !
    It's so amazing ! It's so great !
    congrats !
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    Looking good so far!!!

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    BTW , pls Jordi 3.3v option on board for comms instead of going for level converter with jumper to choose 5v or 3.3v if possible, I really appreciate the mounting holes on the board that you have added . :-) danx
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    Congrats Jordi and team. Board makes my mouth drip :)
    Few things that poped up in mind and I am thinking loudly though it might be late. Sorry, i did not think of it earlier
    1. Reset switch in edge makes it more compatible to any decent enclosure as IMHO without a decent enclosure bare board product will never complete with any professional/commercial product in spite of gr8 features/functionality/quality. Or simple pin hole access would be needed to access the reset switch from outside enclosure... I like to dress and finish my projects always..
    2. same goes for status LEDs which I could not identify/see, if available on edge would make it easier mounting/fabricating enclosure.
    3. Power on/off/dpdt mini switch on board instead of pulling out battery leads every time you want recycle power....
    4. Idiot proof power input bus for polarity protection with pair of diodes.....
    If not applicable pls ignore any/all the above.
  • Is there an ICSP header ?
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