Hey Guys 

Before I start...just a little bit of information about myself. I'm located in Pretoria, South Africa. I have been flying heli's and planes for just over a year now and decided that it's time to get myself a multirotor. I did a hell of a lot of research online as well as tons of reading and came across DIYDrones.com. 

I recently joined DIY Drones and have not had much to say yet (my subsrciption was only approved earlier today) ... but I have been doing A LOT of reading and became very jealous of all the nice projects everyone here have been building. I have also gotten a couple of nice ideas in the process, that to this amazing website.

Tonight, I had so good news though ... I recently ordered everything needed to start my first Quadrotor build. I just received an email notifying me everything has arrived and is ready for collection. 

Tomorrow I'll do the trip from Pretoria to Johannesburg to collect my parts and will be posting some more information once everything is here. 

Since there are no unboxing videos of the kit I ordered on youtube, I think I'll try and do an unboxing video and will link it here as well. 

From then on I plan to document the build in as much detail as possible. 

I will do the build in stages using the parts in the kit but will hopefully be adding things like the FPV, camera gimbal and LED lighting at a later stage. 

I'm also already in the process of planning but I'm already my next build (Using Autocad)

I'll chat to you all soon... Wish me luck :D

PS: The image above was added to conform to Blog Rules and the vehicle in this post is not owned by me gut come from the big Google Machine :D I will add some photos of my drone parts as soon as I have collected it today :D

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Comment by Gagarien on April 29, 2014 at 11:19pm

Hi Johann welcome and all of the best with your venture.

Comment by hotelzululima on April 30, 2014 at 12:14am

yes welcome aboard Johan and best of luck with your build!!

          hotel zulu lima

Comment by Hugues on April 30, 2014 at 4:05am


Comment by Gary McCray on April 30, 2014 at 12:11pm

Hi Johann,

Welcome and look forward to seeing your video.

That sort of thing is always educational and germane for our group.

If you haven't already you might want to check out some of the pages on the APMcopter wiki:


Best Regards,


Comment by Johann van de Venter on April 30, 2014 at 5:26pm

Thank you all Guys 

I received my parts today and will be making a post just now on what I have received. 


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