radio: FlySky 9x flashed with Er9x
brain: APM2
esc: HobbyKing 30A
motors: EMP SERIES Outrunner Brushless Motor C2830 KV750
battery: Turnigy Nano-Tech 4Ah
frame: HobbyKing Q450


I had to reverse pitch in my radio as default settings caused copter flying backward with stick pushing outside of me.

Motors connected as stated here. Is it normal?

This link is listed for 6-pos switch for Er9x but actually here is a simpler way. I would recommend linking to that instead.

Also, on this page you have listed flight modes but they are outdated and I can't find some of them on MP. Also there is no description of some modes that can be set in current MissionPlanner. Would be good to update it as I can't guess what those modes do.

Anyway, it was my first experience with copters (and other rc flying vehicles) and even with this strong wind it was a pleasure to fly a bit :)

More to come!

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  • Nicely done! Practice makes perfect :)

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