First round of frame modifications!

3689404422?profile=originalHey all, though I might share the attached photo with you to show off some mods I've been working on whilst I wait for spare props to arrive from Thailand, after not loading code properly and flipping the copter on its maiden voyage.

Widened the landing gear to more stability, as well as increasing ground clearance for my GoPro, converted the dome to just two complete pieces rather than the fiddly centre piece, trussed arrangement, and hacked a standard USB cable to it can be plugged in easier for uploading etc.

I'm working on a new battery mount as well for fixing the GoPro, until I figure out how I'm going to do the pan-tilt, FPV setup.

Material is laser cut, 3mm black acrylic.


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  • Yeah sorry, just so relieved to get the bloody thing doing something. Did you get your arms secured better? A few people have reported issues with the bullet connectors, and Jani reckons they're only included as an option now, so you'd have to go soldering, heat shrinking them yourself if they're wanted. Follow the instructions in the link when you're ready, and I'll give you my settings that worked, as his only gave me four discernable modes. I'm heading out to the park in the next few days, loading up a mission and trying it out. I wonder if the AC can lift a pillow?


  • Lol what a write up! Took me a whole 5mins to digest haha. Thats some spending you got going on too, I've also gone a bit RC mad (additive) :) yea I'm still waiting for parts. Thankfully for me, I bought the pre made one and so gps and all was in place. I'm now interested in the 9x and understanding how to setup the modes and what they do, I'm sure to hit up that link once I get my new motor in the mail. Also was it difficult to rid of the bullet connectors, do they really cause much behavioral issues with motors?
  • Hey Paul

    I'm please to say I'm actually airborne!!!! Still got loads of fine-tuning to do, but I'm hovering in my back yard, practising.

    Several mistakes on my part led to the initial errors, and some further mods have helped me get it going.

    -I had the GPS plugged into the wrong port. I'd plugged it into the port where the magnetometer was meant to go. This explained why GPS wasn't detected, and why the Barometer initialisation came up with G!G!G!G! etc in the terminal. It also explained why the MavLink wouldn't communicate with it. Make sure your GPS plugs into the port on the lower, red board. Your Magnetometer plugs into the I2C(?) port on the Blue board (actually says "no GPS!" on it LOL.

    - I cut out the ESC to Motor Bullet connectors and directly soldered them. Just to remove the risk of bad connections and erratic motor behaviour that others have reported, and I've experienced.

    -Removed all my camera, video tx crap,330gms worth, can strap it all back on later, need to keep it simple for now!

    - finally read instructions carefully on how to resolve the declination data into a figure that ACM understands.

    - moved the magnetometer to be in the same orientation as though it's soldered directly to the board, as the Mission Planner automated setup feature configures it as though it is.

    -Finally worked out how to configure the 9x to give me 6 distinctly different readings out of the channel six of the RX module, and worked out it needed to plug into channel 5 of the APM. I now have six flight modes loaded, using mainly that link I sent you, but changing the end points wider in the TX.

    -Have removed the cut-outs of my sexy new legs, as I've already broken two. So now they're solid, and heaps stronger

    -Bought a second hand ATX power supply (desktop computer power supply), cut all the wires except one green, two black, one red, and one yellow. Linking Green and black directly fools the ATX into working as soon as power is switched on. Red's just wound up in case (5volts I think), whereas Yellow (12v +) and black give me all the herbs I need to run my Turnigy Accucel 6 battery charger, without having to charge it off my car battery and risk setting fire to it. Also bought a fireproof bag so it doesn't burn the house down either!


    That's it for now mate, got a load of spare parts coming from jDrones and Hobby King, Screws, nuts, bolts, spacers, a spare ESC & motor. 5000mAh battery, RX module, lighting system to help me determine heading, lightweight camera with pan tilt, LiPo tx battery, .... bloody hell, i've got a problem haven't I? Anyways, touch base, you're probably STILL waiting on parts. Let me know how you're going, and I'll do what I can to get you airborne.

    Onwards, and UPwards!

  • Ha ha, that's true Jani, but all my hair has fallen out! Learning a lot, very fast. Keep up the good work, wish I was more useful to the community, but I'll try support anyone even greener than me, if such a person exists :)
  • Developer

    This is our first Beta releases of AC software and also Mission planner so there are bugs and we are fixing those as fast as we discover them. All your input is valuable to track down on those bugs.


    If you are not willing to get few gray hairs while testing, ArduPirates software is still there and it works with their Configurator.


    It will get better every day so there are hope :)

  • ...yet if you try using the PID configure in the APM 1.0 menu in Mission Planner, it connects immediately! WTF?
  • Yeah, re-loaded the latest firmware tonight using Mission Planner, which was also update to the latest version which separates the Ac2 Setup, and Ac2 Sensors, which is nice. Went all through setup and it went perfectly, but again my motors wont arm, even when I try shifting the trims on my Turnigy 9x throttle, and yaw. Shifting switch away from RC Pins to flight mode, and I can't get the Ac2 sensors, or GCS comms to work, "mavlink bad packet" messages etc.

    Something rotten going on there, and I'm not the only one with the problem, which is good :)

  • Here you go Paul, check this out, it's awesome!


    Good night, Posterous
  • Thanks Jani, and Paul. I did try dropping the Trim, but that was before discovering my Throttle channel needed to be reversed?????? I'll run it again tonight if my lady lets me go to the Man Room for a few hours :)

    Found a cool link on how to get the 9x setup for 6 flight modes using the throttle cut (far back top left) and your 3 pos F mode switch. Just need to figure how to get the APM to understand the values so it'll see 6 modes. I'll forward the link when I get home.

    This is fun, frustrating at times, but mostly fun. Imagine how cool it's be when we get in the air!


  • owen, what jani said, did it work? by holding the throttle stick lower right few seconds armed the motors for me on the turnigy 9x. im waiting for my motor, otherwise i have still got alot to learn, once i get motor ill let you know the progress.

    i think i might get stuck on the mode switching bit, for now i look forward to actually getting some basic lift off the ground.

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