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  • Awesome!!

  • There are 8 legal Channels and 8 illegal Channels for 5.8Ghz in Germany, so its no problem to fly together.

  • Good Stuff!  Iiked the low fast stuff by the trees and the fly up to you guys on the ground at the end  when I watch a FPV I always look for the guys doing operating on the ground puts it in perspective

  • if you all have the same video system doesn't it cause interference?

  • You should add smoke, different color for each airplane and fly in formation like what we can see during airshow :D

    Very nice

  • Hey! Can't you guys stay in formation? Just kidding. Beautiful stuff, I'm envious.

  • Perhaps it is interesting that  the video material of that day was interpreted by 3 people.
    My video you see above.
    Same Day Same Team:
    Video of Prometreus (Austria)
    Video of Macranger (Germany)

  • Awesome video!!! 

  • Thanks, it was always in short supply but we had no crashes. Only the antenna of the easy star was a shorter at the end of the day :-D

  • Great video! I love seeing people fly together, me and my twin brother fly together as well with the skywalker and tricopter, Keep up the awesome stuff!

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