First test of custom RC using Raspberry Pi

Here is the first test of my custom RC that will complement my custom FC and quad.

It uses a Raspberry Pi, 2x 2.4Ghz wifi cards for video streaming, a 433Mhz connection to control the quad and a 5.8Ghz wifi card to send the video to an android phone.

So far I have the hardware done - case, buttons, gimbal, screen etc - and most of the software in place as well.

I still have to work on the phone app though.

The build log is here:

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  • Nice Work!

    It would be good to get a "Ground Comms Base" working, where a lot of the individual components can run by themselves (Like RFD900, RC, WIfi, 3G etc) and then from there redistribute to the relevant GCS or RC TX unit. That way the basic system stays the same, and it's easy to connect regardless of the model used. I also like the 3 axis joystick idea, as with most cruise flight modes yaw is all you need to control, if height and throttle a dealt with by the FC. 

    Having some feedback even from a small OLED is essential I think for debugging etc. Just need to shrink the form factor a bit and it should be sweet.

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