First video of my quad

My first ever video from a quad

This will bring a laugh to the veterans...

After spending a few months and every available night doing flying since I took up the hobby, tonight, I took the plunge and slapped a go-pro 2 underneath my quad legs. Absolutely no attempt was made at optimization, alignment or vibe control.


Try and spot how many error I make, both in technical setup, cinematics and piloting...I think I count at least 18. :-)


Total flight time 13 minutes, using 2 x 4000 6S instead of 1x11,000 - still had 3.85v left in the cell (about another 3-4 minutes). Spot of rain were appearing, so had to land quickly (I don't have the dome fitted).

Most notable (apart from my dreadful piloting skills) was the climb at about 11 minutes in...this is the first time I used 100% throttle on the climb, and it did not like it; it lurched quite dramatically. 100% is not actually recommended for my rig, as ecalc recons 90% is the maximum watts for my motors (MN3508-29's 380kv). Sure enough, the motor were noticeably warm on landing, when normally they are barely warm at all. Time to get some throttle limits set in APM, but not sure how yet. Might just set the rpm alarm on the DX8/TM1000.

I engaged loiter at minute 6 minutes, and it seems a bit jittery. No real winds to speak of at ground level, but there might have been at 140m and above the tree line. Opinions welcome of course - I might just be paranoid.

It's still yawing very slightly on throttle as well - on alt hold descents, you can see it very slowly circle around nose-in on the vertical line of descent. Checked all physical alignments with tape measure and spirit levels, and recalibrated the Accels, moved some electrics out the way... but it's still doing it.

You can also hear the whistle/whine quite distinctly now.

Flight logs attached for those who are interested. Next logs will include Current and Motor parameters too - looks like I might need them.


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  • I'm with ya, gonna do the same thing tomorrow! I'm new to multirotors and am having a blast learning and flying.

  • Looks good to me!
  • Nice flight time. . . I'm looking forward to my first video flight this summer as well.

  • Very nice, much better than me even after my 6th flight. Beautiful flying area. I am flying in Austria, also many pretty areas but difficult to find an area where there are no people.
  • Cheers!

    This is Unterageri in Switzerland...3-4 miles south of here is some pretty awesome scenery! Hopefully I'll get some good shots before the summer ends (assuming I can get my brushless built and installed by then). I should be able to get some good auto (and video) routes flown here - it's nice and clear.

    Pity about the weather...worst May in 30 years apparently!

  • Not bad at all. I think you're your best critic but as long as you have fun flying, stay safe and don't crash all is well. That looks like an awesome place to fly! Nice and open and void of people. Where is that?
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