Flight Control Board trial run.

Getting pcb yesterday, I have assembled it ASAP, and link it with REAL ICE.
This board comes with a dsPIC30F6015 CPU and just for control servo ,receive redio-in and RF datalink.
It can provide the RF moden power directly and driving 4 futaba 3003 servos in the same time.

The sensors and gps will be integrated as one board and connect with this via connector for using new components in the future.

Just for fun.

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  • It can provide 5V@3A current from LM2596, and LM1117 provide 3V@500mA for analog components.
    My RF moden needs 1.5A-max, and consifders four RC servos, 3A should be ok!
  • Very nice. The switching regulator is compact. How much current can you draw from it?

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