I am happy to provide another update about the progress of my Flightzoomer project. My first post about the project and the goals can be accessed here:

First post about Flightzoomer on diydrones..

This week I was able to complete an effort which took a long time: I completed the (user) documentation of the whole system. While about 70% of the version 1.0 has been made available earlier (but still lacked e.g. the paramount Flight Management System), now the complete documention has been finished. For each topic there exist separate documents (Functional aspects, Installation, one reference per apps). Additionaly there is the full document which contains all topics in one big, 146 pages-document.

Have a look by yourself using one of these links:

As a teaser I will now post some new images extracted from the documentation about the Flight Management System. As you might know the Flight Management System is the generic user interface for pilots in full-scale jet airliners. It covers any thinkable interaction with the avionics. Flightzoomer recreates the look and feel of the Boeing 787 Flight Management System. See the opening image, to get an impression how this looks on your groundstation!

The following images show various implemented FMS pages, the possible settings and the user interaction. They are straight copies from the documentation (which adds tons of additional descriptions).

The first image shows the screen which allows the preflight definition of important performance parameter:

3689665498?profile=originalAfter this has been done, a flightplan can be entered (or loaded). The required sequence is shown here:


For radio navigation the following FMS screen exists:

3689665412?profile=originalHave a glance at the underlying data model of the Flightzoomer navigation database:


Any data of the navigation database can be browsed from within the FMS using the FIX page:


So, I have to confess this is a long post with many very unusual imagines for a drones site. Nonetheless I hope it serves the purpose of explaining Flightzoomer a bit better. More details can be found on http://flightzoomer.com

Next steps:

Releasing the apps, completing the documentation was the last blocking point for that! Stay tuned!

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  • I think this has a lot of potential for a gs for blos operations when it is allowed.  It is starting to sound like the FAA is going to require full commercial certification for those types of flights.

  • This looks excellent! Has lots of potential.

  • Amazing effort, well done

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