The first FlightZoomer Version 3 app has been released!

Anybody, who has access to a Windows 10 computer, is invited to visit the MS store and install "FlightZoomer Cockpit 3 - Simulation Edition" for free!

The simulation edition is perfect to try out, evaluate or even train FlightZoomer at no cost and without needing any additional hardware!

The walkthrough video gives you a first impression about the app and shows all steps to finish a simple flight.

For more details about FlightZoomer Version 3 please refer to my earlier blogposts:

What is FlightZoomer?

FlightZoomer is a groundstation coupled with a companion computer (in essence a distributed companion computer), that runs on-top of ArduPilot and offers unparalleled navigation and autoflight features for drones and RC aircraft. The system closely recreates the look&feel and features of a real Boeing 787 cockpit. If you want to actually fly you need the regular FlightZoomer Cockpit 3 app (to be released in Q3 2017). Additionally you need a smartphone, that runs the app FlightZoomer Companion 3, which will be attached to the aircraft or drone.

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