Fliip32 IMU over Bluetooth


This video shows a Flip32 flight controller ($15 from re readytoflyquads.com) onboard a min 250 quadcopter, sending IMU attitude telemetry (pitch, roll, yaw) to my laptop via a Bluesmirf Bluetooth module ($35 from sparkfun.com). The Bluesmirf connects to the Flip32's UART via a four-pin jumper cable, also from Sparkfun ($.095). On the laptop, a Python program parses the IMU messages using code auto-generated by our MSPPG parser generator (https://github.com/simondlevy/MSPPG), and displays the vehicle's attitude using Tkinter.

Here's a more detailed picture of the Bluesmirf wiring.  I used a Sharpie to color one of the wires black, since it's supposed to be GND. A piece of clear 1/2" heat-shrink tubing (from McMaster Carr) helps insulate and stabilize the wiring.


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