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  • Outstanding connection to the public. Well done Flite Test!

    While signing my paperwork at Eweek this past weekend at Triple Tree Aerodrome, some spectators came up to the booth and one had a Flite Test tee-shirt on. I looked at him and said "Flite Test?! I love those guys!". I saw him and his group later on the flight line and convinced him to pick up one of my quads and look it over. "I built them to play with, go ahead!" is what I told him and everyone that got close enough to talk to.

    There is no better way to offset public opinion than showing the public the best side of this activity.


  • Pretty cool! Looks like Kenny didn't seem to mind the multirotor flying that close to his face. Hope people watching on TV don't try that at home since it's dangerous flying these machines that close to people especially while wearing fpv goggles.

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    That's the best multirotor description yet, a functional lifting platform.  Then the bit about fathers and sons, wow top spokesman for model aircraft.

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    wow I would not have liked it to be in Josh pants! :)  Live broadcast is a notch over what I think I can do. 

    Having done some topo and interviews I know the level of stress that this creates, of course they want you to fly and do things... but there is no second take when it's live. These guys are real pro, not only flying but educators and all around nice guys. 

    I really enjoy watching their stuff, they do a very top quality job. I even got some of their any copter parts and they are nice.  FliteTest does a very nice job for the hobby! 

    Keep having fun guys!  (ok Chad now it's time to change your underwear ! ) 

  • Looks like fun, great show. :)

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