Flying Hamburger? Right ...


So an insufferably "upscale" fishmonger/burger joint in the UK has posted a video on YouTube claiming to show a tray of food being flown to a customer's table on the back of a quad. The quad appears to be a Parrot (or close to one) and it seems that these folks have discovered some secret to carrying massive weight that has eluded all of us here! Either that or someone was real busy hollowing out blocks of Styrofoam, or maybe just real handy with video trickery. Well, at least they don't have this little quad listening to everyone's phone calls ...

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  • Nice idea, but i'd have to ask if they have CAA permission to conduct aerial work ?

  • I hate fake stuff.

  • Developer

    Yo Sushi!. The conveyor belts are still working, wow, they look the same since the last time I ate there, pre 2002. I'm sure 3 nigiri will still cost GBP5+. Dam expensive. All you can eat sushi in Van is $12... woot! They also have a robot server there, or maybe its been replaced by the new copter... lol.

  • It'll save on ketchup.

  • Serving vegetarian food is going to be difficult with this setup!

  • Something smells fishy, and it isn't the sushi.

  • Those are all probably employees sitting and talking ... and I still suspect that the whole thing is fake. Look carefully at the "food" at 0:55. It's vibrating like it has no mass. Styrofoam and a little paint. I'll bet the whole tray and all doesn't weigh more than a couple of ounces. Now, I could slap a nice T-Bone on top of my hex and dare anyone there to grab it without losing a finger, LOL!  Also they spared us the advertised delivery at "25 mph" - that would have been interesting...
  • T3

    High tech conveyor belts! I think this is what you call "CEO speak." AKA BS

  • @Gerald, Yeah I totally agree the propellers are a lawsuit waiting to happen for that business owner.  Those props are probably spinning 2x or 3x the normal prop speed to hold up that food and tray and would be extremely easy to get a finger hacked up.

  • The use of unprotected propellers near customers baffles me though! :) The Parrot does have a styrofoam body for that.

    "Customer injures finger when reaching for his order"... or something like that.

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