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    This lab is really form "another world". Great work...
    We could do some autonomous acrobatics without the "expensive" equipment, with our regular quads and totally controled by IMU. I have been doing some tests on this:

  • i think it has Variable Pitch Prop System.....
  • oh gotcha, I thought they were sensing his finger somehow and spinning down the prop. They have mechanisms like that for table saws, but those systems jam the blade completely. Maybe sometime in the future, there will be a way for something to sense obstructions in the prop
  • Taylor , the props are special made from a soft material , and i don’t think that each prop can take more then 10-20 hours of fling , and for bigger and heavier quads that won’t work .
  • holy crap...did you anyone else see where he stuck his hand in the propeller, and it just stopped and then kept going after he moved his hand? Wouldn't that be something that should be on every quad rotor?
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    "..and then how that Flip (360degree) works??"

    very quickly.
  • Thank you very much jani hirvinen ...and then how that Flip (360degree) works??
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    Wand just like a "joystick". They have really expensive Vicon camera system that captures reflection from those "balls" and tells their movement to controlling computers. They are doing great work in this lab.

    Vicon camera system is used to capture motion in 3D. Movies like Avatar and many others has been using it. Cost for Vicon system that ETH is using was something like 300.000+ USD if i remember correctly. Check out DIY Drones POD casts and you can find out more.

    So it's a bit out of our league ;)
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