While there has been a lot of interest in use of Intel Edison on drones, it has been quite challenging to get this tiny board configured for any practical use. FlytOS now brings the power of advanced drone applications to the Intel Edison platform. With FlytOS, you can make use of your Edison to implement all these (and more) capabilities on your DIY drones:

  • get video streaming (over wifi or 3G/4G) up and running on Intel Edison in minutes!
  • get your drone to autonomously detect and follow objects (vision based), with object selection/lock, etc. on your GCS. Ready code to do this is available on github.
  • recognise machine-tags (April Tags) for landing sites, etc. Sample application is available on github.
  • implement visual servoing to lock on to objects and track them using a gimbal. Complete code is available to get this up and running in minutes (video on youtube)
  • your drone can be controlled/monitored via web-based (RESTful and websocket) APIs. This can be done over local networks, or over 3G/4G links. Web-based GCS - FlytConsole - is integrated with FlytOS to provide an over-the-air, installation-free GCS.
  • build/configure swarms (multiple drones) to coordinate and talk to single/multiple GCS/apps.
  • quickly build your custom mobile apps (using APIs/SDKs) to command/monitor your drones. Several sample apps are available on github.
  • quickly implement variety of custom algorithms in Python/C++/ROS using the APIs.

Download FlytOS here (free): https://goo.gl/txlxOk
Installation Guide / Documentation: https://goo.gl/H1vRTi
Youtube channel: https://goo.gl/yLkuT3
Sample Applications on Github: https://goo.gl/nGZj1d
FlytOS Support: https://goo.gl/zxKPAo

FlytOS, of course, supports various other more-powerful companion computers, like: Odroid, Nvidia TX1, Raspberry Pi 3.

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Comment by Rana on February 11, 2017 at 11:12am

NG, excellent !, m just proud of you, keep it up!


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