FMS 80mm EDF F-86 Sabre PNP kit

The F-86is a fighter aircraft equipped with an 80mm turbine with 12 metal blades. Drawing on their extensive experience in developing remote-controlled model fighter aircraft, FMS has made significant efforts to faithfully reproduce the legendary and classic F-86 "Sabre" with the sole purpose: "perfect appearance and excellent performance."

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The model is filled with many realistic details, such as landing gear doors, CNC machined retractable landing gear, movable air brakes, navigation lights (red on the left, green on the right) at the wing tip , rear navigation lights (one red, one white) and landing lights (white). The static exterior details of the model have also been meticulously handled, including the fuel tanks, cockpit interior (molded plastic parts), pitot tubes and antennas.

8 all-metal 13g digital servos control the ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator, precisely executing commands for combat aircraft maneuverability, making maneuvers such as pitch, roll, yaw and reversal, easily achievable.

3 semi-metallic 9g servos, 2 for the air brakes, which increases drag and reduces the speed of the model and 1 for the nose gear hatch. they are controlled by the sequencer, we can also simulate a delay for the opening and closing of the nose gear door, ensuring synchronization with the movement of the landing gear during the opening or closing process.

The PNP configuration includes an 80mm 12-blade turbine, a high-performance 3665-KV2000 brushless inrunner motor, and a 100A ESC (with a 5A BEC), designed for use with a 6S 4000-5500mAh LiPo (battery to be purchased separately) . The power system and controller provides excellent performance with longer flight times and more realistic noise in the combat flight domain. Additionally, the model has been reinforced, such as the fuselage, wings and fin, by multiple tubes and plates integrated during casting, ensuring structural strength for extreme flight maneuvers.

The two-piece fuselage design reduces package size by 30%, making transportation and storage easier. The model is available in two liveries: "THE HUFF" and "SKYBLAZERS", which are easily recognizable on clear or overcast days.


Construction from extra strong EPO40 hard foam material

Low weight and still high stiffness

Environmentally friendly water-based paint

Brushless 3665 KV2000 motor and 100A speed controller installed

Efficient 80mm 12-blade impeller installed

Built-in CNC landing gear, completely made of metal

8x 13g digital servos and 3x 9g digital servos with metal gears built in

Hinged flaps for non-critical landing approaches

All-metal CNC machining kneel-typeshock-absorbing landing gear

Available in two colors (Yellow, Red)

Convenient, comfortable handling

Removable nose cap for easy maintenance and replacement

Multidirectional heat dissipation system

Controller supports driving in reverse

Assembly time: 2h

Recommended level: Intermediate


Technical data

Wingspan: 1220 mm / 48 in

Length: 1165 mm / 46 in

flying weight: approx. 3050 g

Motor: Brushless 3665 KV2000

Impeller: 80mm, 12-blade

ESC: Brushless 100A

Servos: 8x 13g et 3x 9g MG Digital

Flaps: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Aileron: Yes

Retracts: No

Flying time: approx. 4min



FMS 1/10 Jet 80mm EDF F-86 Sabre "The Hulf" PNP kit

Instructions manual



Accu LiPo 6S 22.2V 4000mAh-5000mAh 45C

LiPo charger

6-channel or more radio package

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