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  • @Jeff, maybe it could, but I'd hate to have to wrestle back manual control, figure out which way is up, and get it pointed in the right direction.  You only get about 1/2 second to figure it all out at those speeds!

  • For those rules hounds in the US of A, the AMA has already addressed the use of turbines on aircraft HERE.

    Turbines are amazing pieces of miniature precision machinery and yes, very expensive.

  • I wonder if the APM could handle a mission at full throttle.  set some pylons up and make waypoints around them.

  • I saw my first ducted fan about 15 years ago, and it was probably half as fast as that.  I don't really get how it's fun anymore.  It's just white knuckle flying from start to finish.  One wrong move, and $15,000 is gone.  How do they even see it?

  • FPV that bad boy, and then take it to your local club.

    Ohhhhh the horror!

  • Lol at the takeoff and vertical assent.  That was great.  

  • Wow... probably less than 3 seconds to transit the length of the field. Zounds!

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