Follow-Me Mode Test: Success!

Hey guys, I just did my first test with Follow-Me mode on my quad. It worked really well.  Huge thanks to the 3DR team and DroidPlanner developers.  Rock and roll.

Frame: Lumenier QAV400G
Motors: Tiger 1100kv
ESCs: Lumenier SimonK 30A
Props: APC 8x4.5
Battery: Lumenier 4200mAh
Production Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black
Flight Controller: 3DRobotics APM 2.6 - ArduCopter 3.2 RC3
Flight Computer: Samsung Galaxy S3 - DroidPlanner beta

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  • T3

    Oh right right, I keep forgetting that we're finally starting to implement pixhawk specific features which utilize its full potential.

  • Hey Gary, flying blenders have feelings too. ;-)
  • Moderator

    Terrain following on Pixhawks only Stephen Pixhawks only. Just shows aircraft are much cooler than flying blenders. Oh don't forget two GPS possible also on PixHawk.

  • T3

    @John- The arduplane can already do terrain follow, so I bet it could be done on arducopter's follow me as well.  Can't wait!

  • Hey all, I haven't been able to find any documentation on Follow-Me parameters.  Are there any params I can edit that would adjust leash length?



  • Next step that I can't wait for is terrain following ... hill and mountain running ...

    Oh yeah, some obstacle avoidance would be nice, too.

  • > Afff i do the same with mikrokopter more than 4 years ago and not need the phone.

    nothing news here !

    Eduardo: And you could stop follow-me mode and get into loiter, restart, or start a full new automated mission, or fly manual, all with just the phone with your transmitter away?

    Didn't think so either ...

  • T3

    This is way better than anything I've done; anyone who says this is old news is full of themselves.  I'm excited to see this feature being perfected for APM: pretty much the only autopilot I can use.

    How does it handle altitude?  Terrain in the video looks pretty flat.  Perhaps sonar would be good for gently curving terrain.

  • Few people have gotten this far.  Interesting to see what works & what doesn't.  You obviously can't run through trees, under powerlines, analyze biomechanics, or make a blockbuster with it.  It satisfies a maximum distance rather than flying directly overhead.  There's still a lot of fiddling with PID constants.  DJI makes products that work without any fiddling.

  • @nickthecook

    Looks like I'm on ArduCopter 3.2 RC3.  Going to upgrade and try this again soon.

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