We are running an auction on our first batch's hardware and I thought it was something diydrones would be interested in. Our first batch is 1240-1300 MHz, with included HDMI/camera inputs.


Bonafidepirate flew it to around 14 kilometres using a 8 dBi patch antenna:

We are loosing money already on this batch and will probably need to accept bank wire transfers only for the second batch, while we are accepting credit cards via Stripe for this first one.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments!


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  • Cedivad, thanks for the info, please put them on the webpage too, with some pictures of the actual devices and maybe the user manual or the detailed menu (they look very nice, you should show them on your site, not in a third party review)

    I admit it's tempting, but I have been testing telemetry/av/rc links for some time now and none performed really good... thinking to wait for the new release.

    Where are you located? Any chance you have some video/testing with the transmitter mounted on a big rotorcraft or any other carbon/composite frame machine?

    And another question: why this take so much time to develop? I have seen a few trying to perfect this digital video links and in the end they all failed or underperformed. I remember arguing with my friends at the field that in a few years we will have digital video links much better than analog ones we were using.... it was 2008! almost 10 year and we are still here with really nothing usable to pilot a decently fast machine at a decent distance...  

  • Via a mavlink input on the transmitter.

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    Its an interesting product, how is the OSD information being passed from MAVLink telemetry stream ?

  • Email us from that email address and we will gladly provide all the information you require, including how you filled in the on-site survey when you subscribed to our mailing list.

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     or somehow got access to your email address using shady methods, that is just silly.

    Yes, I say exactly this. My e-mai address is lazy_66 . /  @  / . mail.ru and I want to explain - who and why send my massage:

    Our first batch is now € 399 

  • If you didn't subscribe someone did it for you. As I said before use our email address to ask for details about date, time and IP address of who subscribed you, or ask mailchimp and they will tell you that our mailing list has a surprisingly low number of unsubscribes.

    You seem to be claiming we are spamming the whole internet, or somehow got access to your email address using shady methods, that is just silly.

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    Me? Subscribe?

    I not receive any confirmation or proposal for subscribe. Tell me, how you web-site are working? 

    Visit to you site is equal to subscribe?

  • The wing antennas is a Vee from VAS. If you want to use the contact email on our website and give us your email address we can give you date, time and IP address that subscribed you. 

    Also how are we supposed to know your private email address unless you gave it to us exactly?

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    Minute ago I receive e-mail form fpv.blue... To my private e-mail address. And I'm sure, I not subscribe to news.

    Question is - who and why send this message? Is a fpv.blue use aggressive practices for customer search?

    As a moderator I waiting for explanation... 

    Otherwise, measures will be taken.

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     I agree it's lacking.

    Not everyone understands the spoken language well, it is more convenient for many to read. :) 

    P.S. I seen interesting antenna on wings. Did you explain?

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