We are running an auction on our first batch's hardware and I thought it was something diydrones would be interested in. Our first batch is 1240-1300 MHz, with included HDMI/camera inputs.


Bonafidepirate flew it to around 14 kilometres using a 8 dBi patch antenna:

We are loosing money already on this batch and will probably need to accept bank wire transfers only for the second batch, while we are accepting credit cards via Stripe for this first one.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments!


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  • Transmitter dimensions: 63x38 mm; weight with antennas and camera ~80 grams, low light performance is good (but not amazing, I guess it's subjective, the sensor is an AR0132 if you want to look it up) and you can remove the IR filter replacing the lens. We will add a mavlink output (tx only) at the receiver. 

    I'm sorry for not adding a lot of technical information in the first post, I agree it's lacking.

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    Please add a bit more technical information to you text.

  • Looks good! Transmitter dimensions? Weight?  Low-light camera performance / IR filter?  Embedded telemetry?

  • EU, that's why we are worrying about VAT.

  • Do you ship the goods from EU or US ?

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