FPV Flying with 3DR Quad and NAZA


FPV flying my 3DR quad in Discovery Park in Seattle. I was able to get behind trees and still get a crisp video signal to the goggles.



5.8ghz Video tx/rx

GoPro 3 Silver

5000mah 3S battery

Fatshark SD Base Goggles

Using Quadframe US landing gear with vibration dampeners

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    You can see the rubber oring in this picture between the camera mount and the mounting plate on the legs.

  • Euan - I also have a rubber oring on the nylon screw they attaches the gopro to the mounting plate on the legs. Its between the gopro tripod mounting plate and the mounting plate on the legs. I had the oring there to begin with so didn't have any vibe issues. The original purpose of the oring was to provide clearance between the camera mount and a zip tie but it also worked out to help with vibration.
  • You have your go pro in the same place as mine, and attached to the same legs - did you get any vibes in your video first time out, and what did you do to fix it? I see you went with the rubber dampeners attaching it to the frame.

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