FPV in the morning - ACM2 2.0.39 + GOPRO + 5.8GHz TX-RX

I can finally post a video of my quad. This is my 2nd FPV flight ever.

I was a bit nervous, but the latest AC2 firmware 2.0.39 proved to be rock solid!
Weather conditions were the best ever so I couldn't miss a 7 o'clock flight... :)

Nothing special in the footage apart the stability of the quad that needed only little tuning.
Here are my specs:

  • Arducopter center frame with custom ALU arms. 50cm circa motor to motor.
  • motors KDA 2022-L with 10x4.7 APC props
  • AC2 KIT with APM 2560 + mag + GPS
  • firmware 2.0.39
  • PIDS: 
  1. Stab. KP Roll-Pitch 3.5 
  2.  Rate KP Roll Pitch 0.11
  3. I defaults
  4. YAW defaults
  • GOPRO HD with no vibration dampening at all. Video footage only cutted on boring parts.
  • FPV gear RC305 5.8GHz RX (cheap china) + 200mW TX
  • Fatshark Base
  • a lot of adrenaline and may batteries of testing before FPV.... ;)



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  • You're welcome, write back about the results, please.
  • @kirill thank's for info :)

  • No, I don't. Try to place it as far as it possible from the other electronics and high-current wires.
    Moreover, check that your video receiver is not very close to your RC transmitter.
  • @emile have you tried loiter?

    @kirill do you use sponge on the video transmitter? my 1.3G 1500mW has noise :(

    any idea?

  • Nice, stable flight, looks good.

    As for video setup, I have Immersion RC 2.4GHz 500mW with Fatshark receiver integrated in goggles and patch antenna. Range is rather more than 1500m (I tested it on the plane and sure marginal range is much more, because at 1500m all works perfect) - enough for copter. 

  • I got it from SVN directly and I copiled myself with Arduino.

    Using TortoiseSVN for Windows.

  • nice flight,

    where you get ver 39?

    i have check the last ver is 38

  • Developer

    Great flight congrats!  Nice smooth video too. I need to get my Quad put togeather.

  • That was very informative. Thanks. I think I'll go with these too once I have my vid system running. 

  • With standard antennas and in a urban environment (where the video was taken) I had very bad range. The problem, I think, was multipath generated by surrounding biuldings and trees.
    So I went for the Cloverleaf and Skew-Planar Wheel from IBCrazy (http://videoaerialsystems.com/) and now video is clear all the time. I'm not sure speaking in meters, but I thing 300-400 meters was no problem. it was my second flight with this setup so I haven't pushed the boundaries. I did try to fly with standard whip, but I couldn't go more than 100m so I gave up waiting for the new antennas.
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