FPV learning set


As I'm starting off with FPV I didn't want to sacrifice my 'good' quad so I build a smaller one based upon the DJI330 frame.

This is how it looks like

It is a quick and maybe dirty solution but to learn FPV with low cost, it will certainly do.

The FPV setup is powered from a separate 1S lipo.

The TX I got here

The camera here

Overall weight about 12gr
Here is the schema:


Since the TX is a 3V3 version I used a small low drop regulator to handle the 4.2V of the lipo.
The range for the camera is from 3V to 6V so this one is powered straight from the battery.
The cloverleaf antenna was build out of silver plated copper wire 1mm.

The results are quite ok, taking into account that the camera is not high spec.
The goal of this setup was to have a cheap quad for learning FPV.

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  • Thanks for the info!

  • @Ronald

    Nice and compact setup

  • @Charles
    The setup might be a bit overpowered but it were parts I had left.

    Motors: 1200KV

    Props: 8x4.5 gemfan

    ESC: 20A (HK 20A blue series flashed with SimonK firmware)

    Controller board: hmhm a Crius AIO (sorry guys no Ardupilot on this one)

  • Here is a photo of mine, played round with it and got it down to 16g

    10mw tx,1gr 90deg camera, shortened antenna and a 230mah 1s lipo


  • Could you give more details on the quad itself? Like what motors, etc. I'm new to all this and have been doing a lot of research to try to figure out what I'm going to build myself.  It's very helpful to see all the details of rigs that are working for people!

  • @John

    It is just the TX, cam and antenna.

  • very nice setup! Does the all up weight include the antenna and battery?

  • I have something similar as a quick addon

    The tx has all the wires soldered direct, no regulator as its the 3.3v one. The 1gr camera is hot glued to the top of the TX and the battery is one of the 300mah ones from the Hubsan quad and like you a home-made clover for the antenna. All up weight 20gr

    I can velcro it direct to anything and I get a gfood 100m range out of it.making it idea  to demonstrate FPV


    Well done

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