In some experiments used only the onboard camera and mouse,without hand remote control (like futaba etc).
This is a genuine solution, without the use of libraries like OpenCV, all calculations are carried on the aircraft board (Overo).
Hold position based on camera image.
Using closed Russian LRS (cofdm, 8 mbit, IP, mesh, >50km range)

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  • Admin

    Good question. I never said he is faking it. More details would encourage others to jump into the band wagon. Or is it a close source program.? :) If so then I have nothing to say :)

  • Morli, why would someone go to the trouble of faking it?

  • More information on the LRS system?

  • come to moscow and see for yourself :)

  • Admin

    Good work, but Lacks technical details and links,  so one cannot be sure if this video is really what it says:)

    Holding the  RC in hand also does not generate confidence IMO.

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