FPVraptor also for UAV flying


The new FPVraptor will soon be ready for production. Just need some small adjustments.

3689415346?profile=originalThe platform comes in two versions: 1.6 M and 2 M version.3689415166?profile=originalSee the first review by Ali on youtube.




Hope you like what you see.

Lanyuhobby tried to find a good solution to reach out to both FPV and sUAV flying.


Pricelevel ~ 100-115 USD

Feel free to comment.


You can buy the FPVraptor 2m here.

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  • Well, but I need just only frame.. Is this available ? Cost ?
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    3692234958?profile=original3692234676?profile=original3692234973?profile=original3692234693?profile=original3692234932?profile=original3692234991?profile=original3692235011?profile=originalUnpacking the bird.

    This is the ARTF version.

    Already installed motor/servos/ESC.


    You just need to do install tail fins and prop + RC gear.

    Buy Lipo battery.


    Yes the servos are not hi quality and I think if you install big $ autopilot or FPV gear you want to change to more quality servos.


    It even comes with a small video recorder to start up with. ;-)


    This is still a test version so I will be flying like crazy with this one. See if I can brake the wings in air. ;-) if not! Then give it a rough landing or two. I'll try to document everything by movie.


  • Do you have link to manufacturer?
  • I really like it, when it wil be available
  • Internal bay pictures or dimensions? Shots like the Skywalker internals would be great.
  • seems good !
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