Test Airframe: Senior Telemaster 8'

Arduino Pro
Freewave Radio
Eflight ESC & Motor
H264 Video Server

Joysticks that work:

Logitech G940 (no yaw on foot pedals yet) - Working on getting trim math working in the code.

Logitech Attack 3 (Tested all control surfaces working)

2 Cameras, 1 foward facing, 1 PTZ

Using Laptop with UBUNTU and Logitech Joysticks.

Phase 1:


a. Working Joystick Controls all surfaces of Airframe, Various buttons on Joystick change APM flight mode.
a. Completed



b. Working on integrating Logitech G940 Flight System

no yaw on foot pedals as off yet, does n't seem to show in the PYGAME librarys.

work to be done.


Phase 2: Complete
a. General Test - Live video through radio and video server.

b. Need to test and measure various bandwidth requirements for H264, frame sizes etc...


Phase 3: Complete
a. 4 Mile Test - 74db signal level Great video quality control surfaces respond instantly.
b. 15 mile test coming shortly.


Phase 4:Working on it.
Test GCS with waypoints.


Phase 5: Drop everything neatly back into airframe.

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  • I got mine at www.rkycom.com

    I just called and told them what I wanted to do and they gave me a pretty good deal.

  • wow,  where can you get the mm2 and how much is it?
  • @niall both m7001 and 247s are single channel..... and both are POE spec +48v...
    I have more experience with the 247s and I thing they are better quality overall and are faster at compressing the video.
  • Microhard's tested great but were very susceptible to self interference. Also draw a lot more power...

    Pretty much a limit of 4 Microhards running in one area.... MAX
  • unboard recording could be achieved by replacing the m7001 with asingle channel unit that can hold a stacdard sd card most of these units can incorp anthing up to a 16g card at the minuite
  • as far as i know the axis m7001 can be 12v powered as well if not there is a samsung unit quite similar that can be power with a 12v power suppy, additional it think with poe its only 2 cables in the poe that actually carry the power and can be isolated as such. this might well be 48v unsure about that


  • i wonder has anyone looked at using fish eye lense on a single camera for a project like this might well be a viable alternative there is software available then to demorph the picture
  • What was your conclusion regarding Microhard? They seem to have some rather nice modems as well.
  • Yes got it all to work on another machine thanks.
  • 3D Robotics
    Eraser: follow the APM 2.0 beta instructions to the letter and you won't have problems compiling. Please go back and read them again--there must be some step you're doing differently.
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