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  • picked up one of these frames as well as an aquacopter. While its a nice design, they use velcro to hold the top on. I plan to copy your tupperware idea to seal this frame which has WAY more room than the aquacopter.

  • I put together one from scratch last year, build photos at

  • 3692933862?profile=original3692933806?profile=originalYes I posted it on both....  Awesome Copter, I just have to many...

  • I ordered my Sistema container and am going for your idea; Tupperware penthouse.

  • Sweet! Dual batteries in the Tupperware Penthouse. Very cool idea. That solves the "I have to cram the batteries into the hull" problem.

  • Oh, I see you are the Seattle Craigslist guy. It was on eBay for about 10 minutes too, yes?

  • The kits are over priced but the frames are a good price. I built mine for much less. This picture looks like one that was posted on a Craigslist add in Seattle for $1300 recently. They are fun little birds. A bit heavy, I call mine the Aqua Porcum (Water Pig), but that is the price for water resistance. Yes, not water proof. I do like the inverted Tupperware idea.

  • 3692932026?profile=originalI posted mine on e bay and guess it will go for $1200-$1400, going to get on another project shortly... maybe a frame of my own design. Aqua-copter frames are Awesome because of the strength ... I am not aware of any stronger at this time but, I am looking into PLA and TGRASS.....     

  • 3692931930?profile=originalYes the frame is about $120.....,  however be ready to separate yourself from about, $860.00 for the copter alone... 

  • $860? More like $119 for the frame.
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