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I have just finished building a Multiplex Funjet. I have added the APM 2 in the Funjet.

The motor is a 2830 4000KV with a 40 A ESC.

6x4 prop

I am looking for any suggestions on setting up the PID’s. I see the Skyjet’s para file is in the download area.

Will this work on the Funjet ?

I would like to have the APM working nice before maddening the Funjet, because I know it is very fast.


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  • 100KM

    I recently got back to my funjet.  It has a HET-RC 2W-25 inrunner motor 2700kv with a 5.5x4.5 prop and a 3000mAh 4S lipo. This combination is VERY fast.  It weighs about 800g (without apm, gps etc).

  • Thanks Simon, I have loaded the defaults and will maiden the FJ this weekend.

    @ u4eake, do you also have a FJ ? What is your setup ?

  • No pictures unfortunately. I crashed it some time ago (the typical faith of most of my high-adrenaline planes). With the recommended 2A 3S it's pretty easy on t/o, with my 4A 3S it was a bitch. The funjet does not stall over the wing tip on low speeds (it just lowers the nose gently), however it is not very stable on the yaw axis, because the rudders are very close the the CG, this is only a problem on low speeds (must make sure to throw it in a straight line). High speed stalls are very aggressive, it does stall over the wing tip then. But recovery is very easy (just release the elevator and it's sable again). This was all tested in manual mode.

    As I mentioned a couple of times, stock PIDs work very well ... and as you can guess I didn't need these PIDs for manual mode, so yes, auto, stabilize, FBW-A, you name it ... worked all out of the box.



  • 100KM

    Hi Simon, got any pictures of your setup by any chanse ?

    How does the apm handle the high speed ?  Doesn't it get too jerky ?  Did you try auto missions with the funjet ?

  • As mentioned, stock PIDs. It was the first funjet version (the same you have in the picture). I had mounted a speed sensor in the nose. Behind it the GPS and just behind that the APM (1.0). I had to put the receiver on top of the APM otherwise the 3.3-4A 3S LiPO wouldn't fit in. Motor was a Himax  HA2825 (2700 rpm/V). It is a bit heavy with a 3-4A 3S LiPO, so it is important to have some one with experience to throw it. Once airborne and at speed, it flies beutifull with thi extra weight (pretty fast, approx. 150 kph in level flight at full throttle).

    Landing is no problem with high weight, just b careful on take off, just do as multiplex advices, throw with 30° nose up attitude and pull about 30% on the elevator before releasing it.

    Good luck ;)

  • Thanks Simon. So you did not even load the Skyfet's para. Just the stock pids.
    What is your setup motor wise ?
    Where did you put your Apm ?
  • I have been flying the funjet with stock PIDs. Worked liked out of the box. This has been with arduplane 2.3x.
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