Futaba T8J Transmitter Mode Selection


Just thought I would share my Arducopter mode setup on my new Futaba T8J, as this can be a bit of a headache for newcomers.  The new T8J radio is my new favorite transmitter.  It offers a lot of features that was only offered on the 8FG, but at a fraction of the price.  It doesn't utilize FASST, rather S-FHSS.  With the settings pictured you can get all six flight modes on two toggles.  

First I set my three position toggle to switch C and the two position toggle to switch D, which is changed in the AUX-CHAN menu.  Next I changed my end points on channel five to those pictured below.  Lastly I setup the program mix (under P.MIX1-6 in the 8J menu).  Just dial in the values pictured below.  Maybe this will be of use.  


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  • not really perfect.... the sequence is not correct.


  • Jesse, did your screen look exactly like this? Is your T8J recent? Mine look very different: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/pixhawk-futaba-t8j-6-modes-conf...

    In any case, the order shouldn't matter much because you get to allocate what mode each position is associated with. So you can have each position do whatever you want.

  • So I got this to work, but I do have a question. Right now the flight modes go in order of 1,3,5,6,4,2. Which is fine I guess but is there a way to have simply increment up through the modes...I'm basically trying to think of the clearest way to layout the switch positions, with remember the flight modes, while flying the drone.

  • It seems most of the recipes here use an old version of the Futaba T8J firmware? Most of the screens I have don't work like this. Can someone with a recent T8J set up with APM with modes show screenshots?

    As I understand it AUX Channels, PMixes & Endpoints are the only ones that change? I am looking to use Switch C (3 positions) and D (2 positions).

  • Thanks
  • Uli go into Parametrs and change it from HELI mode to Acrobatic

  • hi newbee here, how come on my t8j i dont see GER but GYR? sorry i know this might be a dumb question thanks in advance

  • Thanks!
    Works perfect

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