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The FAA has picked Nevada as one of six unmanned aerial systems (UAS) testing sites.

UNLV College of Engineering's Dean Dr. Rama Venkat said the university's professors and students will help lead the way in research, testing and development.

"We first of all need to integrate them into the air space. We need policies, procedures, regulations. We need to figure out who can do it, is it safe, will people's privacy be violated," Venkat said.

The curriculum for the minor will include a law class on privacy issues, and the educationicon1.png will evolve as they explore and learn more.

In spring of 2015 a continuing education certificate will be available for those seeking a career change.

UNLV rolling out drone minor in fall

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  • This is partly positive and partly worrying.

    Its in educational institutions interest for the laws to become complicated and convoluted to the point where you won't be able to fly unless you are 'qualified'.

    This then becomes an industry for the educational institutions and rules out experience over a bit of paper so that expensive courses must be taken in order to qualify.

    Drones have nothing to do with privacy, we don't need specific privacy laws for drones, the existing laws prevent a drone being used inappropriately.

    The laws just need to be simple and clear, thats it, not that hard really.

    Its the absence of clarity that is causing the current issues.

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