Ghetto controller idea

I've been having fun with bluetooth telemetry bridge units for a while now. Recently I decided to have a go at combining/integrating such a unit with a remote to get some more ease-of-use and functionality out of it. So I here is my result:

3689637976?profile=originalIt means fewer wire to connect, no relying on separate battery connections and charging, it's removable from the unit and can be mounted to something up high to increase range (like a football post for example)  I'm really happy with it and i'm even happier to build one for you if you wish to have one, just drop me a line.

Happy to answer some questions


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  • cheers!

  • nice job Ben!

  • Progress on programming custom er9x to tx for making cheap telemetry data possible:

  • Here is my issue: I have a DX7S that I use for control. Works well, but I am running out of channels and knobs for my fancy 3 axis gimbal and remote shutter. Further, I want to have the capability to fly twin operator: me flying, with one more working the gimbal and camera.

    I could buy another Tx... or I could make one! I have a Spektrum Tx module, and I am using an arduino to send the PPM signals. I got a thumb joy stick and some momentary switches. I am planning on 3d printing a controller with these things, a bluetooth bridge to telemetry, and a phone holder.

    I then plan on making some sort of mount so it can clip on my DX7 and sit above. That way my hands can switch between both controllers easily and I can work gimbal and flying at the same time (almost!).

    Still working on it, but I'll post on here once it ever gets finished.


  • armen it's a hardware mod for your 9x that connects a thumb controller to 2x dials on the 9x and allows you to control pitch/roll on 2axis gimbal, or pitch/yaw on 3axis.

  • hi. benbojangles i like your ideas.

    what is the psp thumb control hack??? 

    thanks again going to check that out.

  • or perhaps using the diy headtracker?

  • Hi Jon, nice idea about the arduino to control the gimbal. I'd like to know more about that part. If controlling a gimbal more freely is your thing, have you considered doing the psp thumb control hack to your transmitter?

  • Nice. I am building a similar device That integrates phone, telemetey, and some custom arduino controller with switches that controls my gimbal. I plan on having the whole contraption mohnt on my Tx like yoy have done.
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