From Hizook.com: Gliding UAV Perches on a Wire -- Power Line Recharging to Follow

Perching is one of the most common aerobatic maneuvers executed by birds and is representative of a large and important class of aggressive aerial maneuvers that take advantage of unsteady aerodynamics. During a perching maneuver, birds often exceed 90 degrees in angle-of-attack, exploiting both viscous and pressure drag for rapid deceleration. Russ Tedrake and Rick Cory at MIT's Robot Locomotion Group have drawn inspiration from these insane maneuvers by developing a gliding UAV that can perform perching -- eventually (presumably) allowing a UAV to perch and recharge on powerlines. This is an impressive feat on many levels: the physics (semi-turbulent flow, visualized in their photos), a controls perspective (dealing with high-speed maneuvers, non-linear dynamics, and real-time constraints), and an application perspective (the eventual integration of powerline recharging). Be sure to check out the photos and videos!

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    Most 3D R/C pilots will recognize this as high-alpha/Harrier maneuvers. Often used as a transition to full hover. I have always wanted to make a UAV that can hover. You could land and take of anywhere with a single propeller system, and still have the efficiency of a normal plane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbywobNuCdg
  • A few weeks back I posted a blogpost containing a security camera that is powered by power lines by just perching on the power line and using electromagnetic induction. They were considering using a quadcopter to fly the camera in and perch it on the wire.
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