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Qualcomm, a 3DR investor, has released a sneak peek of what it will be showing at CES next week. 3DR will be also displaying in the Qualcomm booth. Draw your own conclusions ;-)

From the Verge: "We believe that, with this chip, we can cut the price of the average 4K camera drone from $1,200 down to $300 or $400," Qualcomm's Raj Talluri told The Verge in October. "And we think we can extend the battery life from 20 minutes to 45 to 60 minutes. That will open them up to a much broader audience and a whole new range of applications."

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    Will do.  I will create a new post with directly links to the Navigator SDK.   This would also work with OpenMV and Pixhawk as well.   I'll start a new threat shortly. 

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    That's very cool and I hadn't seen it. It's worth reposting your comment as a blog post here to get more attention. Can you please do that?

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    I know this is an old thread, but have you seen the new Snapdragon Navigator for Qualcomm Flight?  I'm a developer advocate for Qualcomm, and the navigator offers incredible new possibilities for machine vision applications with their SDK.   

    You can find Qualcomm Navigator and the newest Machine Vision SDK Here: 

    Qualcomm Snapdragon Navigator

    If you want to see a cool OpenCV app, take a look at the Dobby Dance System.  It's a very clever use of the optical flow sensor.  All of the features of Dobby - Orbit, Follow Me, Cable Cam, all use machine vision and Open CV.  

    The system is very clever.  It uses a mat on the floor with AprilTags printed on them.  The camera recognizes the tags and does a 'Swarm Dance' by moving from one tag to the other.  

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    We downloaded some "Hexagon" tools from Intrinsyc which included the compiler and libraries we needed to build Ardupilot.  We've got some instructions here but I think once your board arrives, if you can't get it working we should create a new discussion here on diydrones and share info to get it working.  It was actually quite difficult to get our boards working initially because of a lack of information provided so I think we in this community can do much better.

  • @randy was that using an intrinsyc dev kit or an alpha direct for the source? I'm still waiting for a kit here...

    Our interest is in the VGA camera... high fps + global shutter...

    Looking forward to CES and if they (qual), Intel, gopro(skybotix), and the OEMs have demos at their booths of all the new stuff.

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    @Jack, fair enough, I'll check if my camera already allows manual focus.  By the way Tridge completed the port in 2weeks and 2 days which shows how amazing Tridge is and also that ardupilot's hardware abstraction layer makes it relatively easy.  There's even some talk of doing a port to Android.  It would be a "native app" so we wouldn't need to rewrite all the code into Java.  ..and now comes the plug.. If this idea interests any developers out there whjo would like to get involved feel free to reach out to the dev team on drones-discuss@googlegroups.com.

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    Here's APM:Copter running on the Snapdragon Flight board, thanks to Randy MacKay

  • When are you going to get Randy a camera with manual focus?

  • "Draw your own conclusions ;-)" 

    My guess that Solo will have the first official accessory on its bay? :)

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    Qualcomm are big enough to do what they want, but there are always other options as there are so many chip manufacturers these days. Here's another board from Imagination Technologies (They make the PowerVR graphics chips that are iPhones/iPads and other Android smart devices)


    Much better price for tinkering :)

    BTW: I don't think you will ever see a 'real dev board' like Pixhawk or APM2.x HW. Going forward I'd  guess that the Solo expansion port compatible products is what you will see. The prosumer products will be nicely packaged and will have price tags to match. Think 'PC Builder' like business model.
    (it's always good to look at the PC market and it's evolution to understand how the minds in the drone business and even bigger the IoT business are looking at this market now)

    PS: CES is in a few weeks, so we get an idea about that!

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