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  • Is this available on alpha 1.0?
  • Good job!!
    It's super..
  • Superb!, Cannot wait to jump also into the arducopter :D
  • will be nice to see the IMU integration into the gps hold, along with barometer, hell its impressive already... only reason i asked about accelerometer hold with gps hold is i read on another quad board that they started testing gps+accel+barom all at once to amplify for the gps's drift
  • Cheer with the team.
    highly that I have my arducopter soon.
  • the song just makes it even better!!
  • Developer
    What Jose means is that GPS is used for normal location holding and Gyro/Acc is used for flight stabilization. Gyro/Accs are not used for position holding. I said it a bit unclear on my earlier message.
  • Superb !
  • :S perdon JJ!!! lo vi en youtube y no pude resistirme!!!! Queria la primicia!! ;) jajaja
  • Developer
    I planned to post this video today!. You are very fast Mauro ;-)
    This tests were done in Stable mode with GPS position hold mode. Altitude is now manual control (we are going to start working on this). Magnetometer is needed for GPS position hold.
    It´s not recommended to test the actual code yet because we are changing things related to magnetometer calibrarion and geographic coordinates. Please let us a bit more time to get a stable code ;-)
    Chris, the calculation of position are done only with GPS info (not IMU aided yet).

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