Gone With The Wind

I would like to propose you to see this video.
It was a sunny afternoon, but especially windy, and i was doing my test flights after the PIDs were done for the MultiWii tricopter.
On the video you see training of Kite-surfers who allowed me to film.
Aerial and ground shootings were made with ¨Extreme cam " 720p 60ips. Then i played in editing software to slowdown some portions of the footages. the final result : 720p 30ips.
I didn't have FPV to lock the video framing and the Tricopter was almost 50 meters away from me.
I wanted to show sail actions from the sky and on the ground all the efforts in controlling the sails.

So pop up the volume and enjoy.



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  • I see kite surfers all the time around here in the summer time I have also seen them blown 20 feet in the air what I liked about your video is the shadow of your tri on the ground  we get to see what platform you are using .Thanks for Sharing  Have a Great Day!

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