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Good Robots Podcast on robot swarming

3689380703?profile=originalThis weeks' Robots Podcast has a great interview with Alan Winfield, co-founder of the Bristol Robotics Lab. Although it's not about UAVs, per se, it is about the challenges in swarming robotics. He makes some excellent points:

--There are no real swarming robotic deployments in the world outside of lab simulations.

--One of the problems with designing swarming strategies is that in the absence of natural evolution and selection pressure, we can't measure how "good" they are.

--My favorite line: "There are no robot ethics. Only ethical roboticists." Like him, I've always thought that Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were silly. Robots aren't people and can't have ethics. Robticists can.

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  • I thought he was way off when he was talking about how horrible it would be to have humans emotionally dependent on robots.

    People are already emotionally reliant on TV and other stupidities and I would argue that the more advanced the technology upon which we rely the better we are off.
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